Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Resolutions: Summer Vacation

Read a ton!
I'd like to accomplish reading several Omnibus books for summer reading, plus a couple on my own pleasure reading list.

I'd like to walk a lot more often. I think if I worked pretty hard, I could be walking a minimum of two miles every day, maybe 4.

Extracurricular Activities Report for VPSA Resumé
I have a summer assignment due on the 15th in which I need to turn in a list of things that I did during the school year that didn't count for a grade, but were beneficial in other ways. At the end of my senior year, my online school will help me use that information to put together a lovely college resumé.

Give Dad an Awesome Father's Day
I'd like my dad to feel appreciated, loved, and respected on June 16th this year. I'll do my best to make that happen. :)

Scratch off bucket list items
Now I'm not looking to get 75% of my bucket list done all in the month of June (even though that would be pretty cool.) But I am hoping to get a lot scratched off.

Publish at least 10 posts this month
It's a bit of a challenge, but since it's summer, I'm up for it. Besides, with all of the guest posts, series, and other fun things I have in mind, I think I can make it happen.

Music Practice
Recurring goal...I just want to do better than last month.

Read Isaiah & Other Scripture
I think that maybe the problem I'm having is that I feel forced to read some Scripture that might not be the right fit for my spiritual journey at that very point in time. I'd like to self-discipline myself to read the Book of Isaiah, since I am reading it with one of my friends from youth group, and then decide what I'd like to read next and accomplish that.

Preparation for Summer Vacation in Florida
I need to do A LOT of laundry, shopping, and other preparation and planning before this trip comes around soon. This is something that needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

Go to Florida & Prepare to Blog about it
This is exciting! It's probably the biggest summer vacation that our family has planned in several years. It will be so much fun, and I hope to include enough details through diary entries and picture taking to tell you all about it. To see how soon this vacation is coming, check the widget on the right side of this page to observe the countdown. :)

Overall, ten things for a resolutions list sounds like a pretty good challenge. This will definitely be a memorable month, and perhaps a monumental one for Victorious Heroine. We'll see what happens! :) 

Question for the Reader: Do you have plans for summer vacation?

"And he said, 'My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.'" --Exodus 33:14

(Link-up to Kelli Taylor's She Learns As She Goes)

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