Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Bucket List Update--7/11/13

Hello readers!

It's been a very eventful summer so far, so I thought I'd fill you all in on how my summer bucket list is coming along.
  1. Do a vlog post.
  2. Post frequently on Victorious Heroine
  3. Get an awesome gift for Father's Day
  4. Go to Disney World
  5. Take lots of pictures
  6. Color in a coloring book or on a coloring page
  7. Play in the rain
  8. Pick flowers
  9. Write some poems or stories
  10. Give a person/people a present and/or a care package
  11. Wear a sundress
  12. Fro yo!
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Launch a rocket
  15. Bake cookies
  16. Create a chalk art masterpiece
  17. Sip an Arnold Palmer (sweet tea and lemonade combined!)
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Go to the library
  20. Play in the park
  21. Play hopscotch
  22. Play foursquare
  23. Game night
  24. Fireworks
  25. Do something out of the ordinary.
  26. Watch movies never seen before and movies that I haven’t seen in awhile
  27. Summer of Blimey Cow
  28. Listen to BCAN
  29. Photo a day challenges
  30. Grill out
  31. Make homemade ice cream or sorbet
  32. Go shopping
  33. Eat a slice of watermelon
  34. Bowling
  35. Get a pineapple dole whip at Disney World
  36. Conquer my fears at Disney's Haunted Mansion and Rockin' Rollercoaster
  37. Go to the Beach!!!
  38. Go to Water World
  39. Go on a hike
  40. Have picnics
  41. Go for neighborhood bike rides
  42. Eat a fruit pop
  43. Buy a mocha coconut frapuccino (for yourself or someone nearby) This one had to be replaced with a Chai frappuccino, since Starbucks didn't have a mocha coconut frappuccino this summer.
  44. Movie marathon
  45. DIY crafts
  46. Stargazing
  47. Water balloons
  48. Youth Group Activities
  49. Make homemade cherry limeade
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer as well! :)

Question for the Reader: What have you scratched off on your summer bucket list?

"You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter." --Psalm 74:17