Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Blogs I'm Following!

As a blogger, I also love to read other bloggers's posts. It's so much fun to see what other people think, how they spend their time, and what they simply love doing. Here are some new blogs I've been following in the last month or so:

1. ShadowCat Literature by Andrea Bulthuis
This blog, written by a good friend of mine, is a lot of fun to read, mainly because Andrea is an excellent character developer and creates such good stories, and she chooses to make her blog circulate around her creativity in writing.

2. The Hill Country by Moriah Robinson

My sister just made her first post on her new video blog this week. She's very excited about making posts on her everyday life as an eighth grader in Colorado with her charm and wit. :)

3. 21 Empire Designs by Christi Sallard

Written by my good friend, Christi Sallard, this blog gives great advice on fashion tips, shopping, and reviews on the fashion surrounding American culture. 

4. Veritas Press Scholars Academy Griffin
Yes, indeed, online-schoolers can be involved in a journalism club, and the members proved it by creating a blog that doubles as the official VPSA Secondary School Journalism Newspaper, known as "The Griffin," which is our school mascot.

5. Back to Her Roots

This is a blog about a woman named Cassie living in Indiana who blogs about her grand attempt in creating a healthy lifestyle that others can imitate. She makes great healthy recipes and gives great tips in everyday healthy living.

6. Joy the Baker

This is a blog about a woman named Joy, and she's a baker. Now that I have stated the obvious, I'll only continue as far to say that while I haven't followed this blog for very long, the recipes are pretty amazing, and I admire the blog as a baker myself.

7. Reasons My Son Is Crying

This is a hilarious blog about a father who's young little boy cries all of the time, as most young children tend to do. The writer laughs at this fact by taking pictures of his son's so-called agony and makes brief funny captions about why his son is tearful. 

8. A Not-So-Ordinary Girl by Raven Layne
I just discovered this blog today, and it's fascinating. It's sort of a mysterious blog about a girl who blogs about who she is and what world she's a part of in her imagination. And here's the cherry on top: we don't know who she really is. In fact, Raven Layne is her pen name! 

(Note: To find the link for each blog, just click on its title!)

That's all for now, folks! If you would like to share your own blog feel free to link up to the last post, regardless on whether or not your topic is on your favorite books or not. :)

Questions for the Reader: What blogs are you following? Which ones are your favorites?

"And he said to them, 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.' Immediately they left their nets and followed him." --Matthew 4:18-19

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  1. Oh, Raven Layne's blog sounds so cool! I should check that out. :D


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